Capitary 1

Capitary 1


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Currency pair Minimum
Platforms Current
account currency
AUD/USD $1000 MetaTrader 4
1.2 USD
EUR/USD $1000

Currency pairs: AUD/USD, EUR/USD

Minimum deposit: $1000

Platforms: MetaTrader 4, JForex

Number of trading strategies: 2

Current version: 1.2

Trading account currency: USD

Capitary 1 is focused on daily work with the market. This robot has 2 trading systems: first for AUD/USD pair, second for EUR/USD. Take Profit is always unique and is adjusted to the market at each moment in time. This robot does not keep open transactions for a long time. As a rule, profits are fixed within 2-5 days. Also, each order has a Stop Loss, calculated in such a way as to doesn't exceed the loss set by the settings as a percentage of deposit that you are ready to risk. Stop Loss controls drawdown, even if you lose access to the terminal, your deposit will be safe.

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